With ecommerce hitting brand new highs, what are your best postal boxes for mailing large, medium and small items? Postal boxes come in all shapes and sizes and are far more than just plain cardboard boxes; they often have a range of different sizes, cross sections, lids and linings. They come in different colours to suit your needs too. Some come with additional features such as locking systems and can even be customised to suit your particular needs. So what are your options when it comes to mailing products in your packaging?


Firstly, there are the standard ‘box’ type postal boxes. cardboard boxes These come in large sizes and can accommodate up to 100 pieces of goods. Some are insulated and some have additional security features for protection against pests, dust and even fire. They come in a variety of different colour schemes to suit individual requirements but there are also plenty of ‘customer’ options available that enable you to personalise your experience too. Some of these boxes can be used for regular mail and some for courier or express services but they are not just restricted to this.


Next there are the standard postal boxes designed to use as ‘door-box’ packing for your goods. These are perfect for placing small parcels or other packaging on, for example, a door handle. These are great for placing on doors and can work in conjunction with other types of packaging too. Often these are used for ‘door-to-door’ sales and can help customers identify your products more easily as well as being a useful shipping and packaging tool. These are also useful for small deliveries where you want to ensure that customers have an easy time opening your packaging.


There are also two other types of postal boxes that you might want to consider for your ecommerce business. The first are standard hard sided boxes which offer very good packaging solutions for your goods. These are ideal for mailing and packaging small wearable items such as toys, jewellery and clothing and for cushioning fragile materials such as books and CDs. You’ll find soft sided foam lined versions of these for smaller parcels which are available in several sizes. For larger items you may wish to choose standard bubble mailing boxes which offer the advantages of cushioning and good packaging but they are often unable to protect your product from the environment.


These are generally used by post offices and delivery services, but they are now available online from specialist suppliers. These come in many different sizes and designs, and they are ideally suited to offer both domestic and international post office mailings. When you choose a mailbox for your business, you’ll need to consider a few factors. Firstly it’s important to take into account the sizes of your product – do you need a small, slim design or something larger and bulkier?


Post offices often supply their customers with cardboard boxes that can be stacked on top of one another, offering a great way of storing your goods and ensuring that they are easily accessible. You may also like to use bubble mailers to store personal belongings or archive documents. You can also buy small hard sided containers known as ‘bubble mailers’ from specialist suppliers, which work well for mailing and shipping small parcels or envelopes. Whatever postal boxes you choose, remember that they provide a convenient way of packaging and shipping goods, and that they come in a wide range of styles.

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